Who We Are

Archibald Tech Co.,Ltd  was registered in 2014 and has gone through 6 years of history. Our company is one of the few domestic enterprises specializing in high-end LED plant lighting products. It is a collection of plant lighting theory research and products. Technology research and development, production, marketing, and service are integrated. The company’s mission is "to cultivate plant lighting talents and be a leader in plant lighting", and the vision is "to be the first choice service provider for plant lighting, so that there are no difficult plants in the world." Collaboration as the foundation, customer satisfaction as the core, and win-win cooperation" are our values!

Archibald Tech Co.,Ltd  produces all kinds of LED plant lighting growth supplement light lamps. The supplement light products have obtained FCC certification, 3C certification, CE certification, energy saving certification, and a number of invention patents and utility model patents. The scale of the industry is expanding steadily, the plant lamp technology is highly mature, and the product line is becoming more and more perfect. In terms of pre-sale planting technology consultation, product design during sale, and after-sale professional planting services, it has won praise from users. With the rise of vertical farms and greenhouse cultivation, as well as more and more individual planting enthusiasts, our products have been sold to various regions of the country, Europe and the United States, etc., and have been recognized and praised by more and more customers in domestic and overseas markets


What We Do?
The main products of the company's products are:
LED plant lighting series: COB integrated high-power LED plant light, full-spectrum LED plant light, LED plant spotlight, CREE LED plant light, waterproof LED plant light bar;
LED plant light products are widely used in greenhouses, plant factories, greenhouse cultivation, flower cultivation, indoor gardens, water soluble cultivation, pipeline cultivation, farms, potted plants, spray plants, tissue culture, etc.;


①Planting in greenhousesThe big fruit is

sweet and theplant growth rate has

increased by 20%.

 ② Hydroponic planting Professionally provide customers  with the spectrum and light intensity required by plants.

③Indoor plantingShorten the growth cycle,

improve yield and quality.


④ Seedling cultivation Professional LED seedling planting,tissue culture lamp tube, more power saving, less light decay and better effect.

⑤Indoor seedling tissue culture Tissue culture and seedlings are professionally distributed,and the plants grow evenly and more robustly.

⑥Full spectrum plant light More precise light distribution

provides the spectral band required for plant growth.